• Develope mathematical methods to solve a variety of scientific, engineering, economic, and/or military problems where precise specification of the relationships, rigor and economy of mathematical operations, and logical deduction are the controlling considerations
• Design efficient strategies based on project requirement
• Estimates appropriate configuration parameters for software
• Documents and presents proposed methods/solutions using appropriate visualizations
• Serves as a subject matter expert for mathematical statistics, tracking, and navigation coordinate systems
• Conduct research on basic mathematical principles, methods, procedures, techniques, or relationships
• Communicate with different types of scientists to provide quality suggestions and expert knowledge to other staff
• Train and teach less experienced staff of best mathematics practices
• Manage what procedures will be required to solve technical problems
• Control high standard of hardware and software development based on scientific logical algorithms
Required Skills
• Degree in related discipline from an accredited educational institution
• Minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience
• Strong understanding of mathematics and mathematical statistics
• Experience with a programming language
• Ability to work under pressure and time constraints
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to prioritize and manage multiple work activities, to completion, while meeting or exceeding deadlines
• Ability to work effectively inside a multi-disciplinary team environment.
• Ability to effectively navigate dynamic requirements and priorities
• Strong organization skills, dependability, pro-active, self-motivated, and goal-oriented with attention to detail
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