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Crypto Asset Management Operating System

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We put the power in your hands to manage digital assets!

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Earn 3000+ % APY

By investing 10 000 USD for 1.6% compound daily the total return would be 3M or 30 000%.

TON BRAINS Crypto Asset Management Operating System that allows managing Crypto Assets inefficiently and securely.

Crypto & Defi Academy helps new adopters and professional traders to use caching edge crypto management tools to stay on top of the competition.

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Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Crypto & DeFi Explained

By simply searching the Internet, you can find many crypto exchanges where trends show their potential growing daily.

Why is this happening?

1) Crypto products are a global product acceptable at and part of the earth. Asia, Europe, and North America competing with each other providing large Liquidity for Crytpo Stocks.

2) Defi solutions are fairly new and many companies and investors want to be a part of that future by investing in early-stage startups to help them grow their Innovations.

Top Journal Official Public Release

Coming in December 2021

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We can mange millions of Crypto & Defi Product 24/7

There are thousands of Crypto & DeFi products and more is coming.
Can you manage all of them on your own?


More than 10 000 cryptocurrencies available. Can you monitor all of them?


More than 1 million live DeFi products. Can you use all of them?


Can you find the most profitable and secure IPO for high returns?

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Crypto Asset Management Operating System capable of monitoring, managing, and operating with your cryptos 24/7 while you are asleep.

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#1 Crypto Operating System

All instances of Operating systems supervised with CoreTechnologies.

Competitive Advantage

With TON BRAINS OS you do not open a bank account you are the bank!

All-in-one Solution

TON BRAINS allows managing all your crypto and digital assets in one place securely and transparently.

We Integrated with all Exchanges and Crypto Banks

Our CAM OS does not require holding your crypto assets with us. You can choose and platform and start rolling in. TON BRAINS cryptography essential tools enable core functionality to grow your wealth while you are asleep or enjoying vacation with your family and friends

Can't wait?

TON BRAINS Operating System official release coming in December 2021. However, we already accepting private offerings for a limited time only.

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Explore our Advanced Investment Options

  • 1

    The First Common Equity Round

    We are offering Common Equity stock with a minimum investment amount of 500k USD. Please review our Business Plan.

  • 2

    ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

    TON Brains Coin (TBRAINS) is a great opportunity if you think of Investing with your crypto. We accept a variety of cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto market analytics

5 Trillion

Market Cap

500 Millions

User Base

50 Billions


Should you consider investing in Crypto technology today?

Yes, Blockchain, DeFi, and DApps make our lifestyle more secure in a data-driven environment. Protecting and growing your Digital Assets for future Wealth is essential in 21 century.

TON BRAINS is a revolutionary Technology of 21 century. It’s a personal bank in your pocket managing Crypto Assets for you 24/7. We have build protocols that analyzing every product available on the market and provide you with all the necessary data to make the final decision. If you are unable to manage your Assets the Artificial Intelligence will do it for you in conjunction with a talented team of Engineers and Financial Experts.
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Mike Khokhlov

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Turn Crypto idea into a success.

TON BRAINS invites high-skill professionals to join our team.

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