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Mission & Vision

TON BRAINS mission is clear—to advance knowledge and contribute to society through decentralized research, education, and community.

We do this through a global commitment of our members to the transformative intelligence of arts, science engineering, and medicine.

TON BRAINS exposure to new ideas, new ways of understanding, and new ways of knowing, students embark on a journey of intellectual transformation.

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How does it work?

Universe Intelligence



DAO prioritize task and deliverables, responsible for core decision making, strategies and other duties in exchange of TON BRAINS TOKEN (TBRAIN).


Individuals, Organisations, and Insitutets share their Intellectual property, education materials, and other content in exchange for TON BRAINS TOKEN (TBRAIN).


Investors fund TON BRAINS TOKEN (TBRAIN) under progressive to amount rate 100%+ APY.

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TBRAINcan grow value over generations by creating, managing, and distributing intelligence assets around the world. TBRAIN is ideal for long-term investments to build wealth and success around you. TON BRAINS will effectively manage TBRAIN assets to protect them from inflation or market crashes. Here few key points on how we plan to gain the level of trust!

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TON BRAINS protects your assets


TON BRAINS has created an independent organization that can manage any type of assets around the world protected by the United States. TBRAIN holders multiple levels of protection while operating in the modern world of innovative technology. TON BRAINS will use funds to reinvest it into crypto, stocks, real estate, and ventures. DAO will regulate where company assets should be present and its percentage.

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TBRAIN CASH FLOW & Advertisment

TON BRAINS collects fees for your using contributor’s intellectual property and converts it to TBRAIN tokens. Contributors gain TBRAIN which can be exchanged for other currencies crypto or fiat. TON BRAINS plans to coordinate with advertisement agencies to maximize profit from shared content. For example, content shared on Youtube using Ads will be converted to TBRAIN through the TON BRAINS Entity. It allows to maximize profit and increase the value of TBRAIN in a short period.

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Let’s stay together to innovate the world

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