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Transparency, trust and security makes dApps #1 solution worldwide.



Modern blockchain outbeat cloud infrastructure in every category.


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Stop inefficient investments in legacy IT - fund dApp Ninjas.

"Decentralized Applications (DApps) are a very strong competitive advantage against monopolies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Soon enough, the world would be decentralized and we can accomplish a very high level of democracy and freedom. It will all make a technological jump in the 22 Century ahead of time."
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Mikhail Khokhlov

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Why Decentralization?

DApps is the future.
There are many more…


TON BRAINS Provides a secure and legit platform to exchange ICO based in Switzerland.

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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

TON BRAINS ICO Phases. Starts 1 October, 2020

TON BRAINS is an independent association created to connect Investors and DApps Projects. ICO is broken down in a few phases and starts with the “Early Adopters” scenario. Each phase has a unique set of functionality and futures. TOB BRAINS ICO holders will have privileges to explore projects at the eatly stage and gain funding priority.

Also, ICO holders with 1 000+ token will get a dividend from 5% commission fees which TON BRAINS charge to use the platform. Keep in mind, ICO is not stacked and TON BRAINS will issue more ICO in the next round which will be a lot more expensive. So, Harry up!

What you need to know

TON BRAINS ICO is not a stock. Holders do not have legal voting rights.
TON BRAINS ICO holders with high volume will get exclusive privileges such as early access to ICO campaigns.
TON BRAINS ICO holders will get regular payouts and special privileges.
TON BRAINS ICO ownership can be transferred.
TON BRAINS ICO can issue an unlimited volume of ICO.
TON BRAINS ICO is not refundable.
The ICO volume regulates by TON BRAINS Executives.
TON BRAINS ICO can be exchanged for TON BRAINS Products and Services.


Research & Development (Initialization)
Early Project Adopters (early access to initial project list)
“Investor” status (ICO holders with 10+ tokens)

TON BRIANS ICO Token Holders Info

Thank you for supporting TON BRAINS.

TON BRAINS plan to have 3 ICO phases in the next 12 months. Phases 1 is limited to 10 000 ICO ($100/per token). Phase 2 pricing will be much higher so do not miss the opportunity to buy out the stock.

Here some rules and policies:

  • You are responsible for securing access to your tokens
  • Lost can’t be refunded
  • Tokens are transferable
  • You can share tokens with your friends without and limits
  • You can buy more tokens at any time
  • TON BRAINS can’t buyback tokens
  • Please avoid and scam or fraud activity around the TON BRAINS project
  • For security reasons, Please use only TON BRAINS mobile app to complete operations with tokens
  • TON BRAINS hold an audit record of initial purchases only, but do not track activities with the tokens
  • TON BRAIS does not provide any support or assistance to resolve miscellaneous issues with tokens

A decentralized revolution is here! You are part of it!!!