Intelligence Token supported by Intelectual property and assets

TBRAIN Distribution

TBRAIN initial token cap is 10 000 000. TBRAIN cap is reviewed every year by the newly elected DAO. TBAIN token protected by investments, intellectual property, and assets.

DAO - 20%

(DAO) Decentralized Autonomous Organization is responsible for the most important decisions to support TBRAIN economy.

Organize Elections, Voting for proposals, managing TON BRAINS assets are primary but not limited to duties for DAO.

Anyone can become a DAO member by committing to TON BRAINS Community. Investors, Contributors, ambassadors, influencers can submit their candidacy to become DAO members.

TBRAIN token holders should elect DAO members once a year. DAO can dissolve its committee and initiate a new election at any time.

DAO members earn passive income by staking 20% of tokens distributed and secured for DAO support. Additionally, DAO members earn 20% from Intellectual Property profit which holds TON BRAINS.

Learn more about DAO by Join TBRAIN Community.

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TON BRAINS core team responsible for managing TON BRAINS non-crypto assets, law, finance, and many other activities required for the run full operational organization.

Also, the core team provides support for DAO members and the Community. DAO will influence TON BRAINS core team in many areas such as road-map, organization strategies, and goals.

Anyone can join Core Team by passing through the interview process and approved by DAO and Community.

CORE TEAM earns value from staking tokens over time and receiving 30% from intellectual property earnings to continuously support TON BRAIN UNIVERSE INTELLIGENCE.

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Grants - 10%

TBRAIN Grans encourage authors to solve intellectual puzzles and provide exclusive content to TON BRAINS in art, science, space engineering, and medicine.

Grants are issued to ambassadors and key members of the community who help to bring more value to TBRAIN. For example, brand awareness, advertisements, support for the ecosystem, and others duties.

Anyone can create a Grant proposal, DAO will review and vote for the proposal, and the TON BRAINS core team is responsible for distributing tokens.

The amount of Grants is reviewed by DAO each year.

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Token Sales - 40%

Investors can buy TBRAIN tokens to support TON BRAINS Decentrazelid Universe Intelligence.

Initial token airdrop will help early adopters to learn more about TON BRAINS Universe. The most active token holders will be nominated for additional grants.

Additionally, token holders can stack tokens for 3-6-12 months. The percentage for staking reward is regulated by DAO and will change year to year. Please learn more about staking and rewards by joining our community.

The funds received from token sales will be used to build an assets portfolio with a strong revenue stream.

TON BRAINS core team and DAO work together to increase token cap and its value to make TBRAIN efficient.

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Staking 100% APY for the first year.

*Staking terms are subject to change by DAO.

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TBRAIN is a token made by TON BRAINS to support entities that continuously generating intellectual content to share it globally.