Decentralized Hardware with exclusive DApps support.

Decentrlized computers, tablets, mobile phones, smart houses and much more. Stay connected and support the top innovation of 21 century. .

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QUANTON Operating Ecosystem

QUANTON is very different comparing to the well known Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS). QUANTON Hardware is managing a state of your ecosystems in multiple networks including offline operations. You can compare it to the solar system where sun managing state of each planet and balanced based on their needs.

Users will be managing decentrlzied operating systems with full security, transparency and confidendcy. High Level encryption, anonumosy and other most desirable futures are build-in QUNATON. Users will never worry about protection of their privacy.

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QUANTON Proof-of-Proof boost productivity by 100x

QUANTON can connect to QUANTCHAIN Networks to validate its state. The modern blockchain networks support the Proof-of-Stake scenario where QUANTCHAIN is based on Proof-Of-Proof consensus.

QUNATCHAIN is build-in QUANTON Hardware and only works with protocols that QUANTON Governance approves. Yes, QUANTON does not support current network hardware and proposes a different approach for security and performance.

QUANTON Owners belong to the Decentralized network and can validate the work of each other. Keep in mind, that all operations in QUNATON are asynchronous. Users can start as many tasks as they want and complete their work when the result is available. This approach sounds strange in the first place; however, it will increase your productivity dramatically.

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QUANTON Hardware

QUANTON computers will have enough resources to handle the most complicated tasks. By joining QUANTCHAIN, you become a user of a global network. You will be able to connect to other users and ask them to help you to resolve hardware intensive tasks. For example, video processing.

QUANTON servers will be used by data centers to speed up QUANTCHAIN operations and share resources with QUANTON users. Yes, you can become a QUANTON user with very basic hardware and store all your data in QUANTCHAIN.

QUANTON mobile devices will be the powerful and most secure devices in the world. Mobile devices such as phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc will share data using QUNATCHAIN.

Perephiriel devices such as headphones, mouse, and others will have a secure connection to QUANTON computers using Bluetooth or cable.

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QUANTON DApps Marketplace

QUANTON Marketplace is a commission-free and most democratic way to distribute your apps. Anyone can publish their app and start earning profit with certain rules.

QUANTON does not support piracy or criminal activities. All Devs will be compliant for data lost or other damages that the user may encounter using the app. It’s very important to keep the Marketplace clean and professional.

QUANTCHAIN is a decentralized network and can’t be controlled by anyone. However, we will be able to track miscellaneous behavior using Artificial Intelligence.

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Hello World! We are a large group of highly skilled professionals.

Decentralized Team
Community Oriented

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943)

"Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs."

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Execute offline operations and validate them later on with selected validator groups..

End-to-End Decentralized

Fully transparent and secure infrastructure with billion validators..


Run millions of tasks in parallel. Nothing will slow you down.

Aritifitail Intelligence

Native AI support for anything you need.

Anti-Malware Shield

Forget about viruses, bots, piracy, or spam.


Dapps, Defi, and much more. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Become an investor. *Crypto accepted.

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Anyone can become a Validator or build a custom validator pool

Become a Validator

QUANTON Validators

QUANTON validators are classified by categories. Users can choose which validator should prove its state of work. DApps specific validators such as graphics or AI will be optimized to the state of work that they are requiring to prove. Users will get a certificate from one or multiple validators (based on requirements) for the state of work they have completed.


QUANTCHAIN Puzzle is a combination of different flavors of independent QUANTCHAIN networks which are optimized for a specific state-of-work. Organizations, Communities, and other entities can build their QUANTCHAIN instances and provide validation services to QUANTON Users.

TON BRAINS will publish an official list of QUANTCHAIN networks with their specifications. Also, TON BRAINS QUANTCAHAIN networks will be released. But do not limit yourself and talk to us if you are interested to fund your infrastructure.


QUANTON allows executing offline operations and then validate using the QUANTCHAIN validators pool. In exchange, a user will get a certificate from validators about with a stamp in from their decentralized network.

QUANTON Users do not have to wait for operations to be complete instantly. It’s an asynchronous workflow. Simply, run multiple tasks and wait for verification.

If a task requires instant verification, users can choose more fastest QUANTCHAIN and work primarily with this group of validators.

If your work needs to be verified by another entity, then you can choose which QUANTCHAIN is perfect for that scenario. For example, an electronic signature could be verified by a few QUANTCHAINs to gain better credibility. Some QUANTCHAINs will be country-specific and legal work need to be completed for these groups or organizations.

QUANTCHAIN will hold Proof-of-Proof state based on its configuration and guarantees. Some QUANTCHAIN (based on their category) will have to sign collateral supported by assets and provide insurance. These QUANTCHAINs will be allowed to work with legal documents, currencies, copyright content, stocks, etc.

Also, High-Level Quantchain may require a full identity check of a user before they can process a verification work from that user. For example, law, corporate, or bank operations.

Quantum Computing


QUANTON + QUANTCHAIN will emulate the operations of quantum physics and can become the first global quantum computer available for resolving the most complex tasks.

QUANTON will have a basic version of QUANTCHAIN for offline operations and connectivity tools integrating to 3rd party QUANTCHAINs. Each QUANTCHAIN will have a category and a clone with 0 and 1 periods representing quantum byte. QUANTON can assign tasks to multiple QUNATCHAINs and run an operation in parallel. Comparing results a user can make their decision about the state of the operation.

Simply, execute operations on Artificial Intelligence specialized QUANTCHAINs and Neural Network QUANTCHAINs and analyze results based on its outcome.

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Mikhail Khokhlov

Technical Lead
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Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

QUANTON ICO has a few phases. Each phase has a limited amount of token. Harry up!

TON BRAINS ICO format is transparent and secure. Everyone can invest in QUNATON ICO using cryptocurrencies. Currently, we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XPR, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, LiteCoin, Binance Coin!

What you need to know

QUANTON ICO can be exchanged on the license to run QUANTCHAINs and earn profit from it.
QUANTON ICO is not a currency and won’t be used by QUANTCHAINs
QUANTON ICO can be exchanged to buy products or services provided by TON BRAINs.
QUANTON ICO volume is issued and regulated by TON BRAINs.
QUANTON ICO has unlimited volume and can be issued at any time.
QUANTON ICO is not refundable.
QUANTON ICO ownership can be transferred.
QUANTON ICO will be transferred to the native platform of QUANTCHAIN upon release.


Research & Development (Initialization)
Closed Beta Test (ICO holder with volume 10k+ tokens)
QUANTON laptop (pre-order)
QUANTON smartphone (pre-order)
QUANTON server (pre-order)

QUANTON ICO Token Holders Info

Congratulations! You are a part of the QUANTON crew. We are welcome you onboard!!!

The current project state is limited to 5 Phases. It can be extended with further notice. All phases will have a clear value proposition and declaring the project lifecycle. Phases can change its plan concerning the global economy and COVI-10 challenges.

Here some rules and policies:

  • You are responsible for securing access to your tokens
  • Lost can’t be refunded
  • Tokens are transferable
  • You can share tokens with your friends without and limits
  • You can buy more tokens at any time
  • Token holders with volume 10 000 and more will get special privileges
  • Token holder with 100 000 and more can apply for QUANTCHAIN license
  • You can use tokens to buy QUANTON Hardware and software
  • You can use tokens to get a variety of licenses in QUANTCHAIN
  • TON BRAINS can’t buyback tokens
  • Please avoid and scam or fraud activity around the QUANTON project
  • For security reasons, Please use only TON BRAINS mobile app to complete operations with tokens
  • TON BRAINS hold an audit record of initial purchases only, but do not track activities with the tokens
  • TON BRAIS does not provide any support or assistance to resolve miscellaneous issues with tokens

Let’s get ready for the QUANTON journey!

What about the Internet?

Let’s dive together into details.

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Secure and transparent network for professionals .



All traffic in QUANET is encrypted by default. No need to use https or and other security mechanisms. .


Domain Registration

QUANCHAINs including your prostate QUANTON hardware can host web apps. quantchain_domain.dapp_domain.subdomain



DNS can be synced with QUANTCHAIN PUZZLE Resolver or can be adjusted based on your needs..


Anti-Bot AI

Bots will not exist in QUANTCHAIN. Artificial Intelligence will identify bots and ban QUANTONs that breaking rules.


QUANTON Network Adapters

10 gigabit +
Wireless and 5g support
Private Networking does not exist

QUANTON Network adapters can be purchased separately. Built-in protection for external attacks is supported by default. It will help to eliminate the need for Antivirus software. QUANTON users will be able to connect to the internet and access websites using a virtual environment.

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What is QUANTz (Qtz)?

QUANTON computing power measurement (index).

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QUANTCHAINS using QUANTs instead of gas. Users will be paying fees to QUANTCAHAINS for executing transactions. Fees are calculated by QUANTCHAINs and protected by build-in slashing conditions. All Licenced QUANTCHAINS will be audited and the licensed will be revoked if the miscellaneous activity is found and the wrong QTz per operations is reported!
- Mikhail Khokhlov, Since all QUANTCHAINs will have clones. Users can validate and report wrong fees to TON BRAINS by running the same operation on a cloned QUANTCHAIN. The same procedure will be executed by Artificial Intelligence to check the status state of QUANTCHAINs.

QUANTz price is fixed and attached to the kWh cost

$0 /0M Qtz
Average Cost: $10/200M Qtz


This is a general cost calculation of average QUANTON user.

QUANTON can execute millions of operations asynchronously using QUANTCHAINs infrastructure. The closest example is cloud services.

QUANTON users can run powerful DApps that require Datacenter power with basic hardware.

QUANTCHAINs and DApps. No more tracking by using cookies or cached data by 3rd party providers.

Decentralization stands against monopolies

It has been a while since large organizations monopolized IT market. Time to change that together. Technology resources must be decentralized to compete in the free market.

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QUANTCHAINs Types & Requirements

Each QUANTCHAIN is optimized for specific tasks. Some QUANTCHAINs can a high level of trust and can apply for multiple types. Licensed QUANTCHINs network will be limited and distributed only to organizations who were able to collect a certain amount of QUANTz by supporting QUANTON from the start.

Zero Commission QUANTON DApps

QUANTON is an open-source platform with commercial support from TON BRAINS. QUANTON users can install DApps without limitation or restriction. DApps developers can integrate their Ads logic to gain profit free. TON BRAINS do not regulate DApps policies or rules including in-app advertising. Also, TON BRAINS will have an app marketplace for partners who decided to join and support the Association.

QUANTON Operating System is a new wave of Unix based OS. Full technical details will be available upon release. Currently, TON BRAINS conducted Research and development and working on a cross-platform solution for PCs, tablets, phones, and smart things.

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