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TON BRAINS offers a flexible ICO program for startups and existing organizations.

5 %

TON BRAINS Admin is fixed 5%. 1% splits between TON BRAINS ICO holders and 4% goes to TON BRAINS Association.


1. Project Setup

All Projects need to pass the validation cycle which includes the owner’s authentication, legal paperwork, and TOB BRAINS interview.


2. ICO Phases

THE TON BRAINS ICO format allows us to break down projects in multiple phases and issue ICO even after release. More options will come soon.


3. Investors

Investors can fund and project by using TON BRAINS mobile app. Currently, we accept only cryptocurrencies. Funds are not refundable!!!/p>


4. Funds

TON BRAINS charges 5% for processing the transaction and funds are nor refundable. All funds will be forwarded to the ICO owner after the grace period.