Database Engineer

• Develop scalable data systems to handle ever increasing data loads
• Design data processing techniques that meet requirements while accommodating future needs without sacrificing ease of implementation
• Provide database administration and support to all application development databases
• Provide input into the functional design of software components based on experience and product knowledge
• Improve performance, scalability, and availability of our data system
• Create tools to monitor the health and performance our data systems
• Establish engineering best practices for building large scale data systems
• Work with software engineers to optimize the persistence layer of applications
• Conduct research into database issues, standards and products
• Lead and Manage database development projects
• Assist in the hardware and software development to implement standards for database maintenance and configuration
Required Skills
• Degree in related discipline from an accredited educational institution
• Minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience
• Experience architecting/designing large scale distributed systems
• Demonstrate commitment to the seriousness with which they associate their work, and the discretion used in dealing with problems and issues
• Expter understanding of relational, SQL and non-SQL databases
• Must have an intuitive ability to quickly analyze third party products
• Strong knowledge of database development, administration and reporting
• Strong programming (Java/C#/C/C++ or other related programming languages) and scripting skills a plus
• Analytical and critical thinking skills sufficient to make decisions regarding daily work that is complex in nature
• Ability to work efficiently under conditions of multiple deadlines and changing priorities
• Extensive knowledge and understanding of relational database structures, theories, principles and practices
• Exceptional system architect and design skills
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