January 26, 2021

QUONNIES is a crypto resource used to power QUANTCHAINS. It’s very similar to the gas price for modern blockchains.

The first QUANTCHANs will have Quintillion 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 crypto resources assigned. It’s enough to provide day-to-day operations for millions of users.

The owners of QUANTCHAINs will have the right to change that value and provide their own economic rules based on its QUANTCHAIN type.

Crypto Resources are a burnable resource and have no inflation. Every time a user executes an action at QUANTCHAIN it will cost some QUONNIES. QUONNIES can be transferred and there are no limits to how many QUONNIES users can have. The users won’t be able to break a consensus or change the QUANTHCHAIN rules. The QUANTCHAIN owns and regulates by the owner and regulators.