January 26, 2021

What is Proo-of-Proof? It’s a fairly simple and powerful philosophy that resolved most common decentralized tasks and move blockchain technology to the next level.

Proof-of-Proof allows the shutdown of blockchain networks and runs it again when needed. A user can execute the same operations on the multiple QUANTCHAINs and get a certificate of Proof for each QUANTCHAIN which have successfully executed the operation. The results should be the same but came from two different sources.

A good example would be a bank that needs to send a funds transfer to another bank. Both banks can run the same QUANTCHAIN type privately and execute the same operations twice to gain two certificate-of-Proof. It helps to solve the security and privacy issues for such types of businesses.

We can discover millions of cases where proof-of-proof is greater than proof-of-work or proof-of-stake. All QUANTCHAINs will be based on proof-of-proof algorithms and provide the most advanced solutions for the users.