January 26, 2021

Let’s start our journey by exploring QUANTUM physics and its basic statements. Please watch a YouTube video that describes QUANTUM theory if you feel uncomfortable with terminology.

QUANTUM theory describes two particles communicate with each other in the way that they both have the same states at the same time and never stop communication. QUANTUM Superposion tells that two particles can never have the same state or a position.

These fundamentals are very critical for QUANTON. QUANTON is a particle that requires a connection to another QUANTON. Two QUANTONs tides to each other and create QUANTCHAIN the communication algorithms which never hold the same state (position) and always sending or receiving messages.

QUANTCHAIN helps QUNATONs to manage superposition and keep the connection open. Both QUANTONs hold the same state to execute QUANTUM consensus (superposition).