January 26, 2021

Decentralization is very important for the future of technology. QUANTON supports decentralization by default. However, users can create perpetually controlled QUANTCHAINs at home or workplace for different types of needs such as Secure Data Storage, Smart Housing, Personal Digitial Assets Protection, Secure Messaging, Gaming, Entertainment, and others.

TON BRAINS believes that having a decentralized and centralized scenario can leave in peace together.

QUANTCHAINs can have more than two QUANTONs but in exchange for speed and performance. The decentralization should be managed at the QUANTCHAIN level, not QUANTON.

By creating multiple private QUANTHCHAIN and join them together using QUANET the decentralization bridge can be expanded indefinitely. The more QUANTHCINs exist in QUANET the faster network would be.

It solves the most common all blockchain have the performance and consensus. The QUANET is a horizontally scaled architecture where most blockchains are very dependent on the number of validators, their connection speed, hardware, and some other criteria which do not directly exist in QUANTCHAINs. Each public QUANTCHAIN will have an audit performance of‘ Slushing Conditions’ - QUANTIX.