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TON BRAINS have announced an early access program for the future QUANTCHAIN owners.

Keep in mind that all technological stack is in development mode and will require the significant resource to accomplish final goals.

However, we would like to share some results with our audience.

TON BRAINS has designed software that allows the deployment of QUAHTCHAIN remotely.

Users require a minimum technical background and only responsible for hardware maintenance.


QUNATCNAIN v1 is a modified version of TON OPEN NETWORK ‘TON’. The current modification contains the following items:

No Election mechanism. Initialized Nodes will continue to work indefinitely.
No gas fee charges for executing action or storage. Owners can choose how to charge users fees based on the smart contract mechanisms.
No inflation to provide a circulation economy.
No Slashing.
Initial QUANNIES amount is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (quintillion) * Will be limited to 10,000 for the Early access program (EAP).
Nodes can be deployed to a private network, but have to provide endpoints if want to be exposed to the internet.


QUANTCHAIN Puzzle is a combination of different flavors of independent QUANTCHAIN networks that are optimized for specific tasks. Organizations, Communities, and other entities can build their QUANTCHAIN instances and provide a variety of services to their audience.

Do not limit yourself to one QUANTCHAIN only. Think creatively and explore all possible options. Build your cryptocurrency, ICO, DApps, and much more.

TON BRAINS currently working on different types of QUANTCHAINS such as Storage, DNS, Gaming, and others.

What is QUANTz (Qtz)?

QUANTON computing power measurement (index).

Image Description
Image Description
All Licenced QUANTCHAINS will be audited and the licensed will be revoked if the miscellaneous activity is found and the wrong QTz per operations is reported!