Decentralized Intelligence

Shared Intellectual property is accessible by anyone anywhere.

Earn profit by sharing your content to TON BRAINS Universe Intelligence !

Send your Creative or Educational Intellectual property to get approved and funded.

Business Case

How many Individual Entities or Companies can build a Space mission? It requires significant investments. By sharing resources, we can create large products with less budget.

Education requires frequent updates in the dynamic and fast world. Teachers, Professors, and other skilled Individuals can share their training with their students and keep long-term relationships by updating them with the most recent information.

Intellectual Property licenses fees are very expensive. TON BRAINS encourages to lower that fee down and make it affordable worldwide by decentralizing and sharing IP. Let’s innovate the world together with TON BRAINS.


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(DAO) Decentralized Autonomous Organization

DAO is responsible for managing Decentralized Intelligence:

DAO decides what Intelectual Property brings value to the TON BRAINS Universe.
DAO distributes grants and votes for external proposals.
DAO manages TON BRAINS fund reserves.
DAO is responsible for a transparent election mechanism every year.
DAO protects the value of TON BRAINS token TBRAIN.
Decentralize Intelligence

How to Contribute?

Entity Contribution

Anyone can contribute their content or intellectual property. It can be music, educational courses, open-source code, study, articles, or anything else.

DAO approves the proposal and TON BRAINS assistants will contact the author to collect all necessary information. TON BRAINS team will design a decentralized automated platform for such type of operation to minimize the cost and legal work.

The intellectual property will be added to the TON BRAINS Bank and will be shared with everyone. TON BRAINS will have full rights to work with content.

The author gain profit based on the demand of their content. For example, Youtube Ads earning will be converted to TBRAIN and shared with the author.

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I truly believe in TON BRAINS Decentralized Intelligence hub that can help millions of people around the world to get free education, build their companies, and gain fundamental success.

Mike Khokhlov

Founder, CEO & CTO

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Our grant program is designed to grow the value of TBRAIN token. Join our community to learn more.

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The best contributors will be invited to TON BRAINS Awards 2022.

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